A: magnetic gps tracker is divided into two kinds, one is self-contained power supply, the other needs to be connected to the car power supply; With its own power supply, such as GPT26, GPT09, GPT06 positioners, etc., are with their own power supply, but the standby time is different;

The other is without power supply, but needs to be connected to the car power supply, can work 24 hours. It is generally recommended to use this, and it is not necessary to consider whether the power supply of the locator is sufficient every day.

Installation points:

1. In order to avoid damage by thieves, the location of the equipment should be hidden as far as possible;

2. Avoid putting together with the transmitting source, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle communication equipment;

3. You can use a cable tie to fix it, or use a wide sponge strong double-sided adhesive to stick it;

4. There are GSM antenna and GPS antenna in the device, and the installation should ensure that the front side is up (toward the sky).

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